Spiritual Development

Some people, at a certain point in their life, will come to a crossroads that led to an experience which made them want to know the purpose of their life. Others  experience what is called “divine discontent.” Yet others will say they had a dream or an inner calling.

One person told me a story about where she had met a holy man, a teacher, in her dreams. A year later she found herself in a dream class listening to the same teacher who talked about a place called Shambhala. A few days after that second dream a friend gave her a book titled Hierarchy, and two years later she met the holy man in person where they recognized one another from her dreams. The holy man had recently published a book on Shambhala. The two dreams and book about Hierarchy plus the ultimate physical meeting with the “man in her dreams” were transformational experiences.

Each person who had come to the crossroads in their lives yearning for a deep experience to confirm life itself and their own life in particular asked, “Why am I here?”  The majority I talked to did find a path and began their life journey. Either it was a new journey, or they easily recognized they were returning to a path of many incarnations; each said it was like coming home.

One of the evolving steps we must each take is not only for personal improvement but to provide us with a sense of direction so we don’t lose our way.

It is not so easy to lose our way if the path we are traveling gives us sign posts, affirming that the direction we are taking is right and good. When we are called to a spiritual path certain things are going to be asked of us that must be acknowledged. The level of our consciousness determines what will be asked, but each question will relate to tasks that are in harmony with our life-purpose.

This acknowledgment is to answer the question: Is this for me to do? The answer is to determine if the given task is important enough in the life to give it its needed time and energy.  Not only in simply giving it “some of our time and energy,” but our best time and best energy. As our consciousness becomes increasingly illumined and refined, less time will be given to answers for we now, with our expanding consciousness – illumined consciousness – will respond with Direct Knowledge.

In the beginning stages of our journey, accepting a task, like daily meditation, daily study or service activities, some people find that they are so tired by the end of the day that they do not have the energy to study, to engage in spiritual disciplines, or to engage in a sacrificial service. Others will say that even though they had hoped to give more time to a committed task, things at work or at home somehow prevented them from doing so, or karmic conditions became so distracting they lost sight of their spiritual direction, or goals, and became lost in the complexities of the labyrinth of life.

There is a wonderful Agni Yoga verse, found in the book Heart: verse 97:

“After two weeks of apparently superficial striving, a man comes to the conclusion either that he is unfit or that the Higher World does not exist. Whereas the very same man will tell his servant after a year of service, “A year is too short. I cannot yet raise you.” Even in common earthly affairs, people understand the significance of dates. … It is difficult to speak to those who have not matured in heart or who have succeeded in extinguishing it. It would seem that the fires of the heart are very natural and simple in manifestation, but long periods are needed in order that this understanding which links the lowest with the Subtle Worlds may become evident in the physical world. …There are very few who strive to become citizens of the Universe. This title demands numerous cares, observation, vigilance, and, primarily, an indomitable striving.”

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Egotism and the Fiery World

Practitioners of Agni Yoga realize it is important to reject egotistic thoughts and action as a ways and means toward finding a starting point in constructing a straight path to the Fiery World. Why? A person who is egocentric delays their progress to the Higher Worlds by prolonging their earthly incarnations.

“Indeed, one must free oneself from egoism in order to transmute and affirm the radiant [Higher] Ego[1].” “One may carry the transformed Ego to the altar of Light without fear of being burned. What, then, is subject to scorching if not egoism with all its appendages? Egoism, like a cancerous swelling, is engendered by lack of Agni. Let us not forget that egoism attracts and fills itself with carnal lusts and begets evil. Around the bait of egoism flock the influences of family, clan, and nation. The very sediments of the physical and of the Subtle World seek to wind themselves about egoism; such a bristly ball is unsuitable for the Fiery World. But the tempered and conscious fiery Ego enters the Fiery World as a welcome guest. Thus, let us distinguish all that befits the Higher World. Let us not regard this attraction to the Higher World as an achievement. Let it be only a luminous duty. It is not fitting to consider the predestined assignment as a unique achievement. People should accustom themselves to the transmutation of the heart as a manifest path, known long ago.”[2]

It being necessary for animals to labor, then how consciously must human toil be applied! Let us not differentiate between labors. The only distinction is between consciousness and senselessness. It is necessary to discern also the difference in age of the spirit. One can identify a recent spirit as compared with an old spirit by noting the difference in striving. A recent spirit does not have the deep perceptions that are taught by the experience of many lives, but often it has less egotism and is more adaptable to evolution.

“An old spirit sometimes takes on the similitude of a funnel which draws the all-existent “I” into transformation by the personal ego. When such an abscess has formed, the sole cure is through achievement.

“Beautiful and brilliant achievement promotes the regeneration of the subtle body. So long as such an old spirit strives for achievement, it still has a vital capacity.”[3]

To have a consciousness which is part of the Fiery Worlds is to work harmoniously with the Cosmic Magnet, the Central Fiery Magnet of the Universe –the Cosmic Flame. The Cosmic Magnet is the Heart of the Universe.

We are approaching a most beautiful spiritual cycle in history, a time in which we can take a “next step” in our individual, family, local and global group advancement; a progressive step in the life of the soul and consciousness. What cycle? We could say it is the transition from Kali Yuga to Satya Yuga. Or we could also say the cycle of the New Era. Both cycles require transmutation of the heart. The energy of the heart operates as the transmuting fire. As we enter into our divine inheritance we will slowly become aware of the life and mysteries going on upon all higher Cosmic Ethers. It is in this transmutation our higher ethers replace the lower ethers and we become a divine embodiment because now we can achieve continuity of consciousness in the higher planes and Higher Worlds. Such transmutation is carried out in the heart and the result is Transfiguration and eventually Revelation. Remember the heart is the abode of the Flame of Life and is rooted in the Fire of Space. The Fire of Space is the source of all life, in any form. For example, we are told that an Arhat is a Flame of Life and has made a total commitment, a total renouncement of selfhood. An Arhat has no ego.

The Teaching inspires us with Its wisdom, a wisdom, which if we have the heart to follow and apply, will take us step by step up the ladder of spiritual advancement into the Fiery Worlds. To be in contact with the Fiery Worlds is to be in contact with Shambhala.

What is Shambhala? Shambhala is the Father’s Home, the Stronghold, the head center of the planet where the Will of God is known. It is formed by great streams of energy, in the whirlpool of which great Initiates function.

How to recognize a person who has advanced into the Fiery Worlds? Such a person is filled with the creative impulses of higher forces; forces which flow into his etheric centers with new vision; visions from Space. Such people become a symphony of creativity.

What is fire? It is a most sacred spiritual, energy used for the upliftment of humanity. The Master M says: Fire is the highest element and the approach towards it must be by way of the highest consciousness. One can understand and learn to love the Fire only through this highest consciousness. [4]

What is the Fiery World? The Fiery World is one of the highest spheres in the chain of our planet. The Fiery World is a higher sphere than the Subtle world. The Subtle World reflects or mirrors the activities occurring on our planet, but in the Fiery World there are strata which safeguard the evolutionary growth of the earthly spheres. It is the strata of the Fiery Worlds which indicate all the currents of evolution. The Treasury of the records of space are held in the Fiery Worlds as well as in the Cosmic Laboratory.

Our ascent to the Fiery World is dependent upon purification, especially purification of egoism. Once the disease of egoism is healed, servers for the Common Good will be on the rise. If you want to serve the Common Good you must find a way to eradicate this disease from your own nature.

Helena Roerich tells us even the Stronghold of Knowledge, the Brotherhood of the Mahatmas dedicated themselves to serve in the name of the Common Good. [5]

Egoism is not isolated to a certain class of people but is widespread throughout the world; it is a psychological disease found among the common people as well as the higher levels of society. Egoism prevents our progress on the path to the Fiery Worlds, and prevents enlightenment.

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[1] Agni Yoga defines the higher Ego as the Monad.

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Svetoslav Roerich – on Peace

Svetoslav Roerich, son of Nicholas and Helena Roerich was born October 23, 1904 and died January 30, 1993. He is perhaps best known for his artwork, paintings that you will find on today’s blog.  But today I want to share his writings on the subject of peace.  The full article will be presented in the April/May/June Agni Yoga Quarterly http://wmea-world.org/wmea/agni-yoga/

Svetoslav Roerich wrote, “Every one of us longs for the beautiful flowers of friendship, understanding, and affection. If only we permit them to blossom freely, deep within our hearts, our lives would be transformed and enriched through the wondrous, healing balm of understanding and sympathy – the sympathy and compassion that expand to all the spheres and areas of our lives and are the foundations of Universal Love and Universal Order, all-embracing, all-containing, attracting to itself, like a powerful magnet, the best manifestations and expressions of human genius, the true flowers of our hearts and minds.

If we cast a glance around us, we can see that the last sixty years have seen great changes and realignments in human relations. Science has made startling discoveries and made unbelievable progress along ever-multiplying channels of human knowledge, both in research and its application. Nevertheless, in spite of all these brilliant achievements, mankind has been placed face to face with new problems and the necessity to solve them and to discover new approaches to our ever-increasing needs.

Beyond this complex and seething pattern stand those great human values that beckon to us, proclaiming the eternal and indestructible bond of human relations – the binding force of true friendship, understanding, and love.

My father, Professor Nicholas Roerich, always believed that the best way to forge strong and lasting bonds of mutual understanding between nations and people is to do it on the plane of cultural relations – to discover that greatest and richest magnet of human relations, the field of culture.

The vast field of man’s creative expression – art, in its multiform manifestations – was to him the living bridge that brings together and unites human beings. It is the miraculous bond that reveals and forges new approaches, new possibilities, and opens new vistas of true understanding and appreciation. Across this vast field of human endeavor, Nicholas Roerich visualized his realm of mutual friendship and understanding through Culture.

We see now how practical and realistic was his concept of Peace through Culture. More and more people are joining the ranks of those enlightened men and women who believe and know that only an enlightened, all-containing, all-embracing attitude can build lasting peace.

Recognizing the urgent need for measures to protect our cultural heritage, Professor Roerich evolved the idea of an International Pact for the Protection of Cultural Treasures, monuments, and educational institutions, in times of civil disturbance as well as of war. Like the Rec Cross, it carries with it a distinctive banner and symbol, to be displayed over such monuments and institutions that we designate as protected. This Banner of Peace served to remind mankind that there are certain values and treasures, common and paramount to all humanity, that belong to everyone, regardless of race, creed, or country.

Speaking about the healing touch of culture, my father said, “Culture and Peace, the most sacred goal of humanity. In these days of great confusion, both spiritual and material, the disturbed spirit strives to these radiant strongholds. But we should not unite only abstractly in the name of these regenerating concepts. According to our abilities, each in his own field, we should bring them into actual surrounding life, as the most necessary and undeferrable. We must not fear enthusiasm. Only the ignorant and the spiritually impotent would scoff at this noble feeling. Such scoffing is but evidence of the inspiration of this true legion of honor. Nothing can impede us from dedicating ourselves to the service of culture, so long as we believe in it and give it our most flaming thoughts.

My father, Nicholas Roerich said, “If you should be asked of what country and of what future constitution you dream, you can answer, in full dignity: ‘We visualize the country of Great Culture. The country of Great Culture shall be your noble motto. You shall know that there will be peace in that country where knowledge and beauty are revered.'”

We shall continue forging the happy bonds of friendship, knowing well that this is the most practical, the most effective way to bring people together, to diffuse happiness and welfare, and to build the beautiful, lasting bridge of human relations, mutual trust, and understanding.

I invite you to add your comments to make this article more personal and interesting to those affirmed in peace.





Sina Fosdick continues her presentation to the Agni Yoga Society (Agni Yoga Society Headquarters in New York, 1975)

“Mme. Roerich used to say, ‘To be honest with oneself is the greatest difficulty.’ We were led into a new world in which intolerance, selfishness, and ambition had no place. The members of our group, while of different races, nationalities, and natures, were nevertheless united in their aspirations. One goal was supreme – to find one’s Master! We were told that the disciple must knock first and then the Master comes. Did not He himself say: ‘One should treasure every hour of My Work. One must grope and find the doorway to Light.’ (The Call, 396)

“We had the rare privilege of being thus guided for thirty-five years by both Prof. and Mme. Roerich. During those years we founded the Roerich Museum, collecting the great art of Prof. Roerich. The Roerich Pact and Banner of Peace was launched, of which more will be told eventually. [See July/Aug/Sep issue of the Agni Yoga Quarterly, http://wmea-world.org/wmea/ayqi/] The Central Asiatic Expedition, begun by our leaders in 1923, was most successfully terminated by them in 1928 and they settled in India. Several unique new ventures and institutions dedicated to art, science and general welfare were brought into life by them. We were in constant, close contact with them, at times through travels together, but mostly through continuous correspondence, working in the many spheres of activities entrusted to us. The Teaching of Agni Yoga was steadily spreading, its books were published in several languages besides English. Numerous Agni Yoga groups sprang up in America, India, and Europe.

“Some day more should and will be written about the life and superhuman achievements of Mme. and Prof. Roerich, their participation in the work of the Great Masters, the Elder Brothers of humanity.

“Space does not allow at this time more than a few paragraphs from the Teaching, which substantiate only a very few aspects of it.”

“A simple declaration of knowledge will eliminate all contradictions. One cannot think without revering knowledge…Point out the fact that knowledge can lay the path to the One Teaching. Is it possible that humanity cannot comprehend that knowledge emanates from the One Source? (Agni Yoga, 90)

“The words of Buddha and the Covenants of Christ destroy ignorance. Observe with attention the growth of knowledge in diverse parts of the world.” (Ibid., 92)

“Contemplating knowledge, gain the realization of the Teacher. Verily reverence to the Teacher is the panacea even for physical ailments.” (Ibid., 94)

“Thus does the disciple approach the Teacher – open, ready to shrug off the old world tatters, striving toward the new consciousness, eager for knowledge, fearless, truthful, devoted, keenly vigilant, industrious, knowing goal-fitness, sensitive. He has found the path of Trust.” (Ibid., 125)

“He who would swim must dive fearlessly into the water. And he who has decided to master Agni Yoga must transform through it his entire life…Recall how I began with you the attainment of Agni Yoga. Likewise, bring your disciples within the domain of the mastery of the Fiery Yoga…This most unifying Yoga exacts an obligation to construct the entire life in conformity with a discipline externally imperceptible.” (Ibid., 163)

“Happily, those who has entered the path of Agni Yoga do not worry over suspicion. They labor, devoting themselves entirely to the cause of evolution. They walk, without doubt, knowing that satisfaction is not their destiny.” (Ibid., 505)

“When all books are read and the words have been studied then it remains to apply in life that which is realized.” (Ibid., 538)

“Yesterday the seed formed; tomorrow the flower will blossom…One must learn to combine the knowledge of the past with the striving toward the future.” (Ibid., 575)

I hope you have enjoyed reading this three-part post. If you would like to read similar writings by George and Sveteslov Roerich, Nicholas Roerich and Helena Roerich, please let me know by hitting “reply,” and share your ideas.



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We will continue here with Part Two of a Talk delivered by Sina Fosdick, the first executive director of the Agni Yoga Society, to the Agni Yoga Society October 9, 1975.

“‘Verily, just as faith is dead without deeds, so the Teaching is useless without its application to life.’  (Letters of Helena Roerich II, p. 11) While she revealed the spiritual depths of Agni Yoga, Professor Nicholas Roerich guided the thinking toward the all-embracing meaning of culture and its vital need for humanity. He, the widely recognized cultural leader in his own country, Russia, planted many vigorous seeds in America. An indefatigable builder, he founded several cultural institutions in America of which the Master School of United Arts was the first. Then came his call to the artists of other nations, to unite in the name of Art, Beauty, and Culture; thus the International Art Center – Corona Mundi – came into being. The members of the group were active in both institutions, facing many problems demanding decisions. Weaknesses, faults, human failings came to light and our leaders pointed out the way of avoiding serious errors, for the work was growing and we were compelled to grow with it, practicing patience, observation, and alertness.

“Having been told from the beginning about the Mahatmas of the East, the Great Brothers of humanity who guide the rightful evolution, we had to ponder and ‘choose the manifest path of response to the call of Infinity.’ (Infinity I, 63). The call of the heart and striving toward the Masters steadily grew in our consciousness. Mme. Roerich spoke at length about Them, Their work and Their disciples. Letters II, pages 82 and 83 reveal her thoughts. In them, she indicates the need of a teacher on Earth. ‘You are right that expecting an evident sign from the Teacher to give us an impulse for intensified work should be considered as temptation and indicated weakness of striving.’

“‘The meaning of the realization of various interrelations between Teacher and pupil is found. Precisely the steps of approach to the Teaching are dissimilar, so much attraction is there on the first steps and so much of responsibility on the next…The spiritual cooperation grows, unlimited by space… The assigned missions become a joy, become as if one’s own inalienable labor.’ (Agni Yoga, 273)

“During the first years we were studying under Mme. Roerich’s guidance writings by the Great Teachers of humanity, by Eastern and Western philosophers, and by the revered spiritual toilers. The life became saturated with many revelations and experiences. We were told to keep daily notes regarding our progress, and put down any one precept of the Teaching successfully applied, as well as a habit preventing progress.”

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Agni Yoga – A Bit of History: Part One


Sina Fosdick wrote a lovely article which I would like to share here. To learn more about Sina Fosdick you can go to the Agni Yoga – Living Ethics Community Facebook Page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/Agni.Yoga.Living.Ethics.Community/

Perhaps for this blog, the most important point to know is that Sina Fosdick was the first Executive Director of the Agni Yoga Society International headquarters in New York City. Because of the length of her article, I will post it in several parts, this being Part One.

“In the Introduction to the book Agni Yoga, we read: ‘The Blessed Mahatma Who gave the books, ‘The Call,’ ‘Illumination,’ and ‘Community’ has given much counsel and the Signs of Agni Yoga. These practical indications were gathered by us for the use of those who seek knowledge…

“This is a very brief history of the Agni Yoga Teaching in its early stages of application in life. Early in the ’20’s the Himalayan Brotherhood appointed Helena and Nicholas Roerich, the high Initiates of that Stronghold of Light, to serve as guides and spiritual leaders in bringing the Teaching of Living Ethics, to serve as guides and spiritual leaders in bringing the Teaching of Living Ethics, also known as Agni Yoga, to mankind in this Era. They came to America, and a small group gathered around them receiving daily guidance for the understanding of the essence of that Teaching. They were taught to refine their senses and to expand their consciousnesses. Responsibilities and tasks were entrusted to each member, in accordance with their abilities and the level of perception. Self-discipline was practiced together with co-measurement. A whole new world of knowledge and beauty was revealed to them, and the need of applying the principles of Living Ethics in life became paramount. The proclaimed Era of the Mother of the World and of Maitreya Buddha was entered with deep reverence and with a full awakening of the heart as the channel to Hierarchy. The group was to absorb the true ideals of community; duties and tasks of both spiritual and practical nature were assigned to the members.

“It is impossible to describe the joy and light which filled the life daily as the Teaching was continually unfolded before the group by Prof. and Mme. Roerich. She especially stressed the need of applying Agni Yoga in life.”

In joy,


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Serenity and the Yogi

Blessed Soul - N.K. Roerich

Agni Yoga, para. 175:

The confirmation of the yogi in his path will be a full participation in the evolution of the worlds. But one particular quality distinguishes the yogi — he knows not death, for the awakened consciousness experiences no interruption of existence. Thus, not for a moment does the yogi interrupt his service to Truth. Gradually does he who attains Yoga ascend upon the ladder of the worlds. Unceasingly do his mission and his service flow. The retention of consciousness in his varied sheaths makes the yogi’s achievement vital to life. Until now, only very rarely, and under special conditions was Yoga achieved, but the present stage of evolution of the spirit demands that Yoga be brought into life. And the thoughts of the young generation must be directed to this end. Neither zealotry nor weakness of faith are needed by Us, but each wholesome transformation of life will be noted and supported.”


Yoga means union. It means the human soul as it is unfolding like a bud of a lotus, is uniting with the fires of his spirit. With each achievement he is becoming more and more integrated, until eventually he unites with the Kingdom of God – the Kingdom of Hierarchy.

The Great Yogi’s have mastered matter in the Cosmic Physical world. Such yogi’s are those who “know not death, for their awakened consciousness experiences no interruption of existence. Thus, not for a moment does the yogi interrupt his service to Truth.”


A Great Yogi, a Master, can live for about three hundred years, thus their service to Truth is not interrupted. Masters are also called the Immortals. We know for example, Jesus is a Master as is Moses, Buddha, Zoroaster, St. Sergius, St. Germain, Master Morya and others. The reason I use the present tense of “is a Master” is because a Master is Immortal. Remember the passage said, he knows not death.

We have stories and legends about the different incarnations of the Masters, whose human souls went through several initiations of integration until it reached and united with the Kingdom of God. Once such souls have achieved Mastery, they then strive to lead humanity into the Kingdom of God. Isn’t this interesting? How is this done?

The Path of Integration is the path which the soul travels, life after life, age after age, to achieve Self-Mastery.

light of universe and heart

It is the Master in our Heart whom inspires us until our consciousness reaches a stage of illumination where we have accumulated enough light to travel on our own. To travel onward without fear of regressing and knows that from this point onward, as a soul, we will unwaveringly persevere toward the Kingdom of the Hierarchy.

Masters have achieved the process of integration. From one stage of consciousness to the next and the next they succeed in uniting with higher and higher spiritual fires until he achieves Self-Mastery. What happens after a Master reaches the age of 300 or so? They will make a new body. It is so interesting isn’t it? Of course Masters are advanced souls.


Until now, only very rarely, and under special conditions was Yoga achieved, but the present stage of evolution of the spirit demands that Yoga be brought into life. And the thoughts of the young generation must be directed to this end. We know that there are prominent men and women, leaders and geniuses who love humanity and work for humanity who are Masters or candidates for mastership but ordinary man because of jealousy and doubt, or other reasons cannot recognize these people.


How can we recognize a candidate for a master, those who are called Initiates? Their method is to work, make efforts, aspire, steadily improve, forge ahead, step on their old self, and strive for new horizons. They are embodiments of beauty. They are always improving their life, for the results of their striving is recognized as the soul integrates with its unfolding potential.

The soul begins as a bud and each stage of opening of that bud introduces various changes; changes recognized by the changes in our day-to-day actions, emotions and thoughts.

The process of unfoldment of the human soul depends on the discipline, purification and integration of the physical, emotional, and mental natures of man.

This is why we teach especially the younger generation, the importance of living the serene life. To give birth to our soul, to provide an environment where it can awaken to the path of integration and individuality – asks of us all, both young and old, to live the serene life.


There is a lovely little book called The Serene Life. The first point in this booklet reads: “Lo! The heart of Truth, the Central Gospel, the Midword of Life!…The Word of Words and the Doctrine of doctrines, simple as clear air and clear water, deep with the mystery of eternal depths…Whoever you are, it is the thing you have always looked for.

I remember one day a young man, telling me, “Since as early as I can remember I have been looking for something that is missing in me. I have looked for it everywhere. After I married, I thought for awhile that missing part of me was my wife. And where for awhile she fulfilled a part of my life, that missing “something,” I still cannot find. Do you know what it is?”

Whoever you are, it is the thing you have always looked for.

There are many people I believe who can relate to this young man’s story. Some of us have found the answer, others are still searching for it. What is it? We are searching for the Master in our heart; we are longing for that contact. Once the contact is made, our lives change and we begin to strive, as a soul, to liberate ourselves from the personality bodies. We continue our search, but we no longer feel lonesome for that “missing part;” we are no longer wandering lost in the desert, we now have direction.

The book The Serene Life reads:…[W]hoso plants serenity in his soul, finds it not easy nor moving with his impulses to do evil to his fellowmen. As naturally as the sun spreads light, does he share and bestow his joy. [1]

What is serenity? It is the beauty, the substance of the Chalice. In the Chalice is found the treasures of the soul. The treasures of the soul are related to Light, Compassion and Love.tagore

There is a beautiful story written by Rabindranath Tagore about a man in search for God. He wrote that a man left his wife and children to search for God in the mountains. But while he was away, God visited his him and waited for him to return.

To communicate with God means to face and meet your responsibilities. If you are not meeting your responsibilities and you think you are saving your soul, you are really deceiving yourself. There are millions of religious people like this. They say, “Hallelujah” and they think they are saved.

If we want to be beautiful, if we want to evolve as a soul, if we want to achieve the serene life, we must actualize these things, step by step. To become a master and live for 300 years, to ascend upon the ladder of the worlds as it stated in the opening verse, we cannot escape life, we must become somebody Real. Our life must exemplify that we are somebody. We cannot dream that we are already a master, or a high degree initiate and that our soul has reached perfection, our life must exemplify it in reality.


Serenity is found in the heart, not the mind. “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.” The philosopher, a learned man has come to base his philosophy on the academic, the toddling infant has found the serene thought in his heart, which he has brought with him into this life from the higher worlds. The philosopher has forgotten.

In the moment when you stand perfectly alone, serene and calm, in that moment the paradox is fulfilled – your disunity disappears, and you are in the One Love with All. It is not necessary to fear love as the ascetics teach, for, if you love high enough, you cannot love too many or too much; but the moment you give yourself to any love as supremely important, or center on it as the source of all your joy, in that moment love becomes your enemy and will surely steal away your peace.

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[1] The Serene Life, author unknown p. 3.

Solemnity – Agni Yoga


True solemnity is built in the highest tension. Solemnity is not rest, not satisfaction, not the end, but precisely the beginning, precisely determination and progress on the way to light. …” (Heart, sloka 71)

This verse indicates that the practice of solemnity is one of the first requirements for those who are striving for illumination. That solemnity is needed for determination and also for success as one strives for illumination.

Frequently we emphasize the importance of not only studying the Teaching on a daily basis, but once our studies reveal an understanding of Its purpose we must then begin to apply all that we understand. This instruction is very important to all light-bearers who are striving toward the Fathers Home; who want to progress on the way toward illumination.

The verse said that solemnity must be applied at the beginning. This means that we must apply solemnity at the beginning of any important task, at the beginning of any important decision, and at the beginning of our daily meditations.

On a piece of palm bark, with a sharp stilus, a friendly Bhiku is writing in Singalese. Does he molest anyone? Is he writing an appeal? No. With a smile he is sending a greeting to the far-off lands beyond the seas. A greeting to the good, benevolent people. And he does not expect a reply. It is simply a benevolent arrow into space.”[1]

This instruction by Nicholas Roerich gives us an example of solemnity. Solemnity can be understood as a task, a thought, a decision, which is created from the fountain of benevolence.

Any solemn undertaking; a task, a thought, a decision permeated with solemnity will bring about a transformation and transfiguration of the world; the world of the author and the world of humanity. It can also bring about a transformation of the subtle world.

entrance to shambhala Roerich 1936“The Entrance to Shambhala” 1936 by N.K. Roerich

Solemnity is the language of the heart; because in every human heart, in the entire human kingdom, exists one and the same striving – the striving toward the Light, the light of Shambhala, the Center where the Will of God is known.

Solemnity is an action of nobility. Anyone who engaged in an action that is permeated with solemnity is one who is selfless; one who lives his or her life for the good of the whole, rather than for the good of one part.  His or her actions are goal-fitting to the plan of the greater good, as if the plan was created and developed in the presence of God.

Mani Stone

True solemnity is built in the highest tension. True solemnity is built in the highest tension means that solemnity can only be developed in the presence of God. Solemnity is the result of contact with your Inner Creative Center. It is the realization of your Inner Divinity and the process of carrying that realization into all of your expressions.

Tension. I found a most beautiful definition of tension in the book Challenge for Discipleship by Torkom Saraydarian. “If tension is created on the higher mental level…the tension expresses itself as heroic action, striving, self-sacrifice and intense creativity.”[2] When the forces of darkness, for example, oppose the higher values and principles of life, light-bearers will mobilize all their energies to fight against such violations. This is an action of solemnity.

The image below is a photo of the Kachinjunga mountains I captured early morning from my cottage window in Darjeeling  2002Darjeeling_Sunset

An image of solemnity: The Himalayan mountains. If you are an artist or enjoy thinking in the abstract, to understand the power of solemnity is to create in your mind an image of the majestic Himalayan mountains.

The Himalayan mountains are permeated with a wealth of legends which reflects the power of solemnity.

-They are a symbol for great seekers of truth.

-The Himalayan mountains symbolize an image of supreme achievement.

-They symbolize an ineffable holy aspiration of which heroes are born.


In writing about the Himalayan mountains Nicholas Roerich wrote:

Why does one think of the Himalayas, why are we seemingly compelled to think of them, remember them, and strive toward them? Because even mental communion with their solemn grandeur provides one of the best tonics. Everything is impelled towards the beautiful in its own way.” [3]

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[1] Nicholas Roerich, “Maitreya, Peace to all Beings” page 1.

[2] Torkom Saraydarian, Challenge for Discipleship, p. 279

[3] Nicholas Roerich, Himalayas, Abode of Light. p 33.

Solar Festival of Leo-Data

Leo 2016 banner


Soul Keynote for Leo: “I am That and That am I.”

Personality Keynote for Leo: “And the Word said: Let other forms exist. I rule.”

The exact day and times for the full moon of Leo are as follows:

PDT         August 18, at 2:28 AM

MDT        August 18, at 3:28 AM (Arizona never adjusts its time forward or backward, remaining MST throughout the year. Exact time of the full moon of Leo for Arizona is 2:28 AM Mountain Standard Time)

CDT         August 18, at 4:28 AM

EDT         August 18, at 5:28 AM

GMT        August 18, at 9:28 AM (Greenwich never adjusts its time forward or backward. GMT forms the reference point for accurate timekeeping in every location on planet Earth and even in Space.)

Information about the constellation of Leo

Leo contains many bright stars, many of which were individually identified by the ancients. There are four stars of first or second magnitude, which render this constellation especially prominent: Regulus is a blue-white star of magnitude 1.34. It is a double star divisible in binoculars. Its traditional name means “the little king.” The next star is called Denebola and is at the opposite end of the constellation to Regulus. It is a blue-white star of magnitude 2.23. The name Denebola means “the lion’s tail.” Albieba is a binary star. Its name means “the forehead.” And Zosma is a blue-white star of magnitude 2.59 and 58 light years from our Earth.

Star Map of the constellation of Leo

Leo star image

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group-of-seated-people-in-a-circleSo often times travelers on the spiritual path; the Path of Life, say that they want very much to improve their life, to have some deep spiritual experiences, and wish to expand their consciousness. And, in their indications, they seem most sincere. Yet, when I ask them how they are changing their life to make these things happen, I learn that the majority of their energies are directed to other priorities.

So, one of the very steps a person must take in their spiritual development and improvement is to determine if their task is important enough in their life to give it its needed time and energy.  Not only in simply giving it some of their time and energy, but their best time and best energy.

being lateWhat does this mean? Some tell me that they are so tired by the end of the day that they do not have the energy to study the Teaching. Others will say that even though they had hoped to give more time to studying and meditating, things at work or at home simply prevented them from doing so.

heart book 02There is a wonderful Agni Yoga verse, found in the book Heart: verse 97: After two weeks of apparently superficial striving, a man comes to the conclusion either that he is unfit or that the Higher World does not exist. Whereas the very same man will tell his servant after a year of service,A year is too short. I cannot yet raise you.” Even in common earthly affairs, people understand the significance of dates.… It is difficult to speak to those who have not matured in heart or who have succeeded in extinguishing it. It would seem that the fires of the heart are very natural and simple in manifestation; but long periods are needed in order that this understanding which links the lowest with the Subtle World may become evident in the physical world. …There are very few who strive to become citizens of the Universe. This title demands numerous cares, observation, vigilance, and, primarily, an indomitable striving.

Spiritual improvement and perfection does not come over night or in two weeks, nor is perfection reached in a year’s time. Improvement and perfection are achieved in stages, not all at once. But in order to improve, striving is required. And in striving we are required to position our energy where it is needed the most. Improvement must be continuous; not sporadic, or two days a month, or on Sundays, or once a year at during, let’s say at the Full Moon of Wesak. As spiritual students we must strive to improve our personality and our environment. As we improve physically, we must change our environment. As we improve emotionally, we must change our relationships. As we improve mentally, we must change or expand our creativity and our contact with the world.

patience rockSo, improvement to those upon the Path of Life is a multi-faceted improvement. The verse stated: After two weeks of apparently superficial striving, a man comes to the conclusion either that he is unfit or that the Higher World does not exist. This tells us that patience is one of the keys to spiritual improvement. The verse also said, Whereas the very same man will tell his servant after a year of service, that a year is too short for me to give you a raise. This tells us that the ordinary person understands the importance of time, but in consideration of the higher order, people do not wish to know that one of the most essential to spiritual development is not only patience, it is also assimilation, assimilation of the Teaching.

The most important part to assimilating the Teaching for spiritual development and improvement is to find out what is no longer serving your higher goals and to throw it out. If you do not know what those things are, read the Agni Yoga books that will give you many things to practice on the Path of Life. If you are going against those practices, that is what needs to be thrown out. For example, here are some ideas the Agni Yoga Teaching suggests: guard against the harm of undisciplined thought; avoid thoughtless actions; discipline should be regarded as organized, voluntary cooperation; it is impossible to hope for victory when there is disunity; watch yourself in order to reject egotistic thoughts and actions.

Buddha in nature As you begin to change yourself, and strive to create a new rhythm in your life, you will slowly slowly have room for the Great Teaching to be distributed throughout your whole system. A distribution, which will occur because your physical, emotional and mental bodies will be ready to assimilate them.

For example, a goal of assimilation is to be a healthy human being; healthy physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. What is health? To be healthy means to remove all contradictory activities from your body in order to make it harmonious and progressive. You must have an activity that is harmonious and progressive. But, if it is not progressive, you can, as the Teaching says, become a harmonious corpse.

Assimilation requires change; it requires cleansing. What needs to be cleansed? Our minds need cleansing. Our character is full of things that are not good for us. When we see these things, our light then increases. As our light increases, we will find negative things that need immediate change.

I recall many years ago a spiritual teacher who was almost blind due to cataracts. Each time I would visit his house I noticed how dirty it was yet he didn’t seem to mind. I would do his dishes for him and clean his kitchen and he would be grateful, but he never saw the piles of dust that had accumulated for such a long time. And the mildew, too, that was building for he lived in the tropics. If I would visit him in the late afternoon or early evening, and turned on the light, the light would reflect on the dust and mildew and seem to act like a focused lens. You could not pretend the years of accumulated dirt was not there. It is much the same way when our inner light increases; it places a focus on the areas that need the most immediate cleansing.

We are blind to so much of the dirt, the negative and obsessive parts within our nature, but as our light increases, those parts cannot be missed. As our light increases we find out that there are some very intolerable things in our nature, more than we ever thought possible.

The Doorway - RoerichOur present life reflects what we were in our past. If a person wants to know about their past, look at their present life, their present body, emotional body, and mental body. They will discover the things they need to eliminate from their nature to bring greater, more beautiful things into their life and consciousness.

So, let’s say for example, someone hurt you; they hurt you a million times; but you are not going to sit and worry about those million hurts. Do something to clean those hurts out and get rid of them.

Lotus 03The verse said: It is difficult to speak to those who have not matured their heart or those who have succeeded in extinguishing the flame of their heart. We cannot talk to them. You cannot teach these things to people with dead hearts, or those who have extinguished the flame in their heart. My experience has taught me that it is impossible, no matter my good intentions or motivations to teach them.

The heart dies when a person thinks heartless thoughts, speak heartless words, when they behave heartlessly. If that person is heartless in their activities, their heart dies. If a person is sending arrows of hatred day and night to someone, their heart dies. When their heart dies, they have no way to understand the Teaching. It becomes impossible.

light of universe and heartOne of the treasures of the heart is psychic energy; it is the power in a person’s heart that understands and assimilates. Some people have so much devotion in their heart, that when they meet a holy person, they will dedicate their lives to helping humanity. We are inspired when we are touched by their purity and want to dedicate our lives to the Community of Great Ones and to the Mother of the World. It is so beautiful.

LotusSpiritual improvement requires that we dedicate our life in such a way that we will eventually become a fully bloomed lotus; a chalice. Spiritual improvement requires striving. Striving is destruction of the past and a building of the future.

As always, I welcome your own thoughts, ideas, and experiences.

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