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Madonna Oriflamma




For many years the choir strove to tune their voices with music reflective of the Teachings, music that permeates one’s heart and mind, bringing healing into one’s daily life, family life, community, national and global life. Whether singing or listening to sacred music, everyone benefits.

In 1999 the choir produced a CD titled Giver Of Light,
included on this CD is the famous Gayatri chant, an ancient Hindu form of a mantra.

When we listen to a work of a musician, we are listening to the energy from the world of beauty that is transformed through the art. We have to study psychic energy to know the process of the work in beauty.

“Urusvati has developed her musical talent beautifully…. Music should not be understood in the narrow sense of music alone, but as participation in all the harmonious arts. In singing, in poetry, in painting, in sculpture, in architecture, in speech, and finally, in all manifestations of sound, musicality is expressed…. Beauty is an uplifting concept, and each offering to beauty is an offering to the equilibrium of Cosmos. Everyone who expresses music in himself sacrifices not for himself but for others, for humanity, for Cosmos.

“Perfection of thought is an expression of beautiful musicality. The highest rhythm is the best prophylaxis, a pure bridge to the highest worlds. Thus We affirm Beauty in Our Abode. Urusvati has noted that the music of the spheres is characterized by a harmony of rhythm. It is precisely this quality that brings inspiration to humanity….” (Supermundane I, verse 42, pp. 71–72)

“Treatment by means of music is already being applied, but the effects are not always perceptible. The reason is that it is not customary to develop perception of music. From childhood one should be accustomed to assimilating the beauty of sound. Musical faculties are in need of education. It is true that in each man has been implanted an inclination for sound, but without cultivation it remains asleep. Man ought to hear beautiful music and song. Sometimes a single harmony will awaken forever a sense of the beautiful….” (Brotherhood, verse 292, p. 149)

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