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About the Founder….    2016- good photo

Joleen Dianne DuBois has dedicated her life to helping other people so that they may experience more beautiful, creative and healthy lives. From early childhood, her life has been a search for joy, a joy she knew would not be fully realized until she could recognize her purpose in life and actualize that purpose. From the founding of the White Mountain Education Association in 1982, she has been able to present others with the opportunity to discover a life of vision and purpose.

Joleen DuBois is a Teacher of spiritual science, the Ageless Wisdom, and an accomplished writer, astrologer, composer, and musician. She studied and performed music from the age of four, and it was her travels in the world of music that led her to a path of spiritual striving and unfoldment. Meeting and studying with various spiritual teachers, she eventually earned the opportunity to share the wisdom they had given to her. Joleen became an ordained minister in 1981, and one year later, with the support of her husband and two sons, her friends, and coworkers, was able to establish the White Mountain Education Association.

Joleen DuBois is a member of the American Association of University Women (AAUW), National Association for Female Executives (NAFE), and was selected for membership in the World Who’s Who of Women.

Based upon her experience and wisdom as a Teacher and lecturer, she has written three books based on her public talks. The series is called Sunday Talks on the Ageless Wisdom, and the books are available through the WMEA on-line Bookstore.

You can watch her Sunday lectures on YouTube.com, or register for the live-streaming webinars every Sunday by going to the link:  Register.