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AGNI YOGA An Introduction

 Definition of Agni Yoga:

“The Agni Yoga Teaching is the Teaching of the Inner Fire, the manifesting Spark.[1]

Question: What is the Inner Fire?

The manifesting Divine Spark which through evolution entered the human kingdom. The Divine Spark is now striving to “humanize” itself.

Question: What is the Spark?

The Human Monad, fallen into matter.

Question: What is the Human Monad?

It is the divine Spark within us, it is what is Real within us – it is sometimes referred to as the awareness unit. We must eventually come to an understanding that we are not the physical body, we are not form – these forms eventually die. The Human Monad, or divine Spark is the Real Person or Real Man – and does not die, but evolves and progresses.

You see, at one time human beings, according to the Secret Doctrine, had huge, animal-like bodies, possessing no intellect. They were devoid of intelligence. These were the first human beings which were part of the first half of the Third Root Race, about 18 million years ago.

In the Secret Doctrine we are told:

“…Having passed through all the kingdoms of nature in the previous three Rounds, his physical frame… was ready to receive the divine Pilgrim at the first dawn of human life, i.e., 18 million years ago. It is only at the mid-point of the 3rd Root Race that man was endowed with Manas. Once united, ….. the lower animals, from the amoeba to man, received their monads, in which all the higher qualities are potential, all have to remain dormant till each reaches its human form, before which stage manas (mind) has no development in them.[2]

And it was near this time in the history of the evolving Spark – that we were each given a Soul, the Spark of Mind. The Soul, for a period of time, both in and out of incarnation, guides the Spark, the unfolding human soul.

The Monad is our essence, our unfolding human soul.

As unfolding human souls, we, through our evolution, first identify with our physical form, then the soul evolve and identify with its emotional world and then the mental world. Each time it believes “I am the body.” “I am the emotional body.” “I am the mental body.”

In esoteric tradition the Monad is the Father, the Spark. The Soul is the Path.

Question: How Does Agni Yoga Affect One’s Life?

The Agni Yoga Teaching stirs your Inner Fire and awakens your virtues, dreams, and visions.

The Agni Yoga Teaching ignites the fire within you, the Self which is trying to manifest.”

Question: What does ones Inner Fire do to the personality?

Your Inner Fire transmutes, transforms and transfigures the personality and paves the way for the fuller expression of your Inner Divinity.

As human souls we must advance. To enable our Spark, our Monad to advance we must eventually place ourselves on the Path of Perfection.

Agni energy kindles the inner fires – the chakra system, through a triple fire called electric fire – from the substance of the Intuitional Plane; Solar fire, from the higher mental plane, and fire by friction which relates to the personality life.

Most of us are on the path of perfection. To be on the path of perfection means we are striving to expand our consciousness. To expand one’s consciousness means they are kindling the Inner Fire and thereby creating more opportunities for their essence, the Self, to manifest in expression.

Those on the path of Agni Yoga are striving to unite with higher and greater fires within their consciousness. The Secret Doctrine says that from the amoeba to man, [each] received their monads, in which all the higher qualities are potential. It is our responsibility and our opportunity to release our higher potential.

If we do not expand our consciousness the higher qualities remain only potential.

[1] Torkom Saraydarian, Talks on Agni p. 118. © The Creative Trust 1987

[2] Blavatsky, H.P., the Secret Doctrine, Vol.I, p. 255, 1947 edition