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“Multicolored sparks connect us with the spatial consciousness. But the Fire of Cosmos cannot be manifested in its full power, for the human essence would then be reduced to ashes—except in the case of one who has consecrated himself to Fire, passing in his own flesh through all the steps of approach to the fiery element.

“Similarly, when teaching the foundations of life, one can provide varicolored signs of the fundamentals, but the complete Teaching must not be, and cannot be, given. No book can contain the entirety of life, and it is not the purpose of the Teaching to turn students into wind-up mechanical robots. Truly, no Teacher has left a final and complete exposition of the Teaching. This would contradict the principle of Infinity and would assume limitation in the consciousness of the followers.

“We can point out the direction; We can invite you to fly; We can affirm labor; We can indicate the light; but the ways and means should not be enslaving. The expanded consciousness will always point out where karma must remain inviolate. The inviolability of karma is the responsibility of everyone who transmits the foundations of the Teaching. To burden with an excessive load is unforgivable. To overlook possibilities is unworthy.

“The Teacher directs the flow of consciousness. The pupil may not even notice the touches of the Teacher. Thus everyone should enter the domain of the Teaching as into life, unwaveringly. But for this purpose one has to read the Teaching repeatedly, while in different states of spirit. It would be a mistake to devote to the Teaching only one’s times of rest or of upliftment. The best symbol of the Teaching is the all-pervading Fire.”
(Agni Yoga, 1929 verse 468, rev. ed. 1997)

We will be adding unpublished articles by Torkom Saraydarian, and Helena Roerich. Watch for them.

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