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Giver of Light

“People feel, sometimes, something singing within them. Such a song is never disharmonious. One can rejoice when such vibrations stir one’s being. In them is contained the embryo of attainment.”
(Fiery World II, Verse 18)
Giver of Light CD cover




The WMEA Choir,
under the direction of
Rev. Joleen Dianne DuBois,


Giver of Light

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The cover illustration is from Burning of Darkness by Nicholas Roerich (Nicholas Roerich Museum, NY)
The White Mountain Choir brings you music inspired by the Ageless Wisdom Teachings. Many of the selections are ancient prayers, or mantra, set to music. This music, inspired by timeless words, blends voices in harmonics in an expression of joy and gratitude to higher spheres.

It is said that music created by our Higher Self brings harmony to the physical, emotional, and mental natures. The music chosen for this compilation is offered to the listener to inspire joy and ignite the inner striving. Giver of Light brings together ageless words and music with the inspired music of current compositions to create a synthesis of sound and beauty.

All of the tracks on the CD have an introductory verse from the Teachings.

Some tracks from the CD

“White Mountain”


“Universal Worship”

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