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“Transformation means to eliminate the hindering elements of one’s lower nature, which prevents progressive change and evolution, which buries the consciousness in the past; elements which prevent the process of the human soul from submitting his free will to Divine Will. The process of the true education is the process of transformation.

Transformation is mostly concerned with the astral body. When the “motion” of the astral body changes into the quality of rhythm, we say that the astral body is transformed, and the intuitional substance has taken the place of the astral substance. It is here that desire changes into aspiration, or the desire of havingness becomes aspiration toward beingness.”[1]

“What is transformation? Transformation is a process through which a person increases his nature in such a way that as a spiritual being he can receive energies, such as inspirations and impressions from his Teacher, his Ashram, Hierarchy, and even more elevated fires of inspiration and impressions.

“Transformation is change. The process and result of transformation enables progressive changes to take place in your physical, emotional and mental bodies as a result of increasing light.

“As the fires of transformation gets underway, the process will gradually intensify the fires of the seven centers in your human constitution, allowing for increasing:


  1. Base of spine: stability
  2. Sexual Center: Procreation
  3. Solar Plexus: healing
  4. Heart Center: cooperation
  5. Throat Center: creativity
  6. Ajna Center: leadership
  7. Head Center: Leadership, Synthesis and Sacrificial Service


“The Core of each person is the Spark of God. The Spark of light in each person is imperishable. It is reflected in our personality bodies, the physical-etheric, emotional and mental bodies, also known as the lower self, or the unfolding human soul. It is the human soul, which must be educated, which must aspire to actualize Itself. For example we think we are only a physical body because the physical body has controlled the unfolding human soul for ages. It has been buried in the physical body, by identification, for ages, and thus is called the “lost” spark of God.

“The more light a person has – the more aware he or she is that a Plan exists in the core of his being. The light and the Plan reveals and manifests; it reveals the mystery of life and life’s purpose. Transformation enables the soul to let go of the past, conveys a strong sense of direction and purpose, as well as to take him to the next stage of consciousness.

“The Ageless Wisdom believes all human beings have an innate power to evolve, endlessly.” The Secret Doctrine instructs, “The whole order of the nature evinces a progressive march toward a higher life.”[2]

What is a glamor? “Glamors are astral forms of our desires, which float in our aura and have certain connections with astral and etheric centers. Because of these connections, they exercise great power upon our actions, emotions, thoughts, and relationships.”[3]

“Glamors have a lot to do with our pain and suffering. Often people think that humanly imposed suffering shatters glamors… It does not. It creates a forced detachment, which turns into apathy and then into a forceful greed or revenge. The glamors…are inhibited but not burned away. They are released into greater destructive activities when the apathy and dullness are overcome…”[4]

“The emotional body is full of glamors; subtle force formations which exercise great pressure on the human soul for attention and actualization. Glamors are unfulfilled desires connect to many memories and fortified with negative emotions.” [5]

“Glamor is the identification with the objects of our desires. Whenever we are identified with an object of our desires we build a replica of the object of our desire in our astral body. The average [person] is loaded with such objects, and that is why his astral sensitivity and his emotional relationships are so distorted.”[6]

What is the origin of glamors? “There is a layer in the subconscious mind that collects many kinds of philosophies, religions, and traditions that were given to the person when he was not ready to understand them, or when he was in some degree unconscious or sick or desperate. This is the origin of what are called glamor and illusion.”[7]

When you come under the influence of glamors you are imitating and pretending and thus, being a hypocrite. Your glamors use and direct your energies without any good results. For example, most of the degeneration of the Teaching begins and ends in such a manner. You act like a soldier, a teacher, or a president. You are cosmetically built; you are artificial. And once you fall into that role, it is very difficult to get out of it.

The Affect of Inspiration or Impression of Glamors: “The energy of inspiration…will stimulate one’s glamors. Each glamor (or illusion or maya) will use the energy of inspiration for its survival or as a help for its urge for expression.” [8]

Glamors are associated with the subconscious mind… “A glamor is a form which sometimes decays and pollutes all your approaches to life. Most of the degeneration of the Teaching is due to this. Glamors act both in the astral and mental levels. A glamor can be mentalized and become a mental glamor. Illusions come into being when a fact is mixed up with glamors.” [9]

“It is in the Hall of Learning, as the six petal of the Chalice opens the person will eventually control the astral plane and conquer glamor.

“Most of our glamors are related to three centers: the base of spine center, the sacral center, and the solar plexus. They not only control these centers, but also are nourished by the substance they provide.

Base of spine center is related to:

  1. the desire for power
  2. the desire of domination
  3. the desire of totalitarianism
  4. the desire for destruction
  5. the desire for separatism

“The sacral center or the sex center is related to:

  1. the desire for physical contact
  2. the desire for sex
  3. efforts to attract people by movements of the body, voice, color, dress, make-up, perfume

“The solar plexus is related to desires for:

  1. possessions, greed
  2. belittling criticism
  3. gossip
  4. malice
  5. slander
  6. treason
  7. fighting”[10]


“Glamors do not let the mind operate with reasoning and logic. Desires does not recognize rights other than its own, and because reasoning and logic are deadly enemies to glamor, it continually presents repulsion against them.

“Because of glamors, you lose your control upon your own mechanisms. The glamors take over and manipulate them according to their objectives. They control your thinking, your speech, your emotional responses or reactions, and also your physical activities.

“Entities are waiting to find a point of contact with the earthly life. That point of contact is a glamor in the aura of the person. When an entity finds a corresponding desire of his own in the person, it smells the desire or the glamor and sneaks in and occupies one of the three lower centers, to use them for its own satisfaction. …

“Sometimes a person is englamored in such a degree that he has many entities, or a legion, in his aura, who are related to each other either by their hands and feet or by their tails…Christ met one such person who had a legion.

“The ceremony of baptism is the symbolic ritual of the washing out of your glamors, and it is very interesting that almost all religions have corresponding ceremonies for purification.

“…Glamors keep you out of contact with the real life going on in your environment and even within yourself.

We must note that actually these three lower centers are not sources of glamors, but their energy is used for glamors. They are very important centers and have many important tasks to fulfill in the evolution of the human being. For example, the base of spine contains the basic fire of matter which, when raised up the spine, fuses with pranic energy and then with the fires of mind, and makes illumination possible.

The sacral center controls the whole generative process. When it is raised to the throat center, it is used for all creative process in all fields.

The solar plexus is a great healing center. Many psychic powers are the result of the unfoldment of this center. This center is the link between the heart and lower centers. When it fuses with the heart center, it produces higher psychism, humanitarian activities, pure sensitivity, etc.”[11]

How to transform glamors

    1. “The first and most major step is to use the light of the intellect, logic, observation, and analytical thinking.
    2. “The second step is to sublimate the centers in such a degree that they do not tune in with the glamors. This can be done by using the virtue that is exact opposite of the glamor.”[12] (13:139)


    1. “Desire for power…replace it with the desire to serve all and be the servant of all, without expecting any recognition. You can sit in meditation and begin to use our creative imagination and visualize ho you are free from our glamor and are becoming a servant for humanity, asking no recognition.
    2. “Desire of domination. The opposite of this glamor is obedience. You can use creative imagination, and dramatize it in your daily life. What you do exactly is this: Try to study the meaning of obedience, discovering its deeper layers and putting your understanding into practice.
    3. “The glamor of totalitarianism. The opposite of this glamor is “recognition of the rights of others.”
    4. “The glamor of destruction. This glamor can be replaced by the desire for constructive activities.
    5. “The glamor of separatism. This glamor can be replaced by the desire to synthesize and unite.
    6. “The glamor of physical contact. This glamor can be replaced by a desire to contact the Soul or the virtues of someone else, using your higher senses to contact the person or even an object.
    7. “The glamor of sex. This glamor can be replaced by the desire to cooperate on heart and mind levels. Many couples overcame their overactive desire for sex by doing something more creative for their partner, such as composing music, singing, painting, working for politics, studying, science or psychology. In this way they have a partner who cooperates with them in their advancing interests, and they weaken the glamor of sex.
    8. “The glamor of attraction. You can replace this “desire to attract” by virtues or by higher spiritual qualities. This glamor finds the person using other people for personal use, manipulation and pleasure through certain gestures , selfish service, certain pitches or tones of voice, sexy dressing and so forth.
    9. “The glamor of possessions. You can replace this glamor by the desire to share, to give, and to offer. Things that come to you; money, land, objects, information, knowledge, etc. must be shared if you don’t want them to nourish your glamor.
    10. “The glamor of belittling criticism. This glamor can be changed by developing the virtue of seeing good things in others.
    11. “The glamor of gossip. This glamor can be replaced by talking about science, politics, the Teaching, heroes, and great humanitarians or leaders.
    12. “The glamor of malice. This glamor can be overcome by developing goodwill.
    13. “The glamor of slander. This glamor can be overcome by developing a desire to protect the one whom you are slandering.
    14. “The glamor of fighting. This glamor can be destroyed by the virtue which we may call the desire to understand and cooperate.” [13]

What is one of the main sources which force us to create glamors? Fear.

“The battlefield (for the person who is nearing accepted discipleship, or who is upon the path of discipleship, in the academic sense) is primarily that of glamour. That is the major problem, and its solution is imminent and urgent for all disciples and senior aspirants.”[14]

“Glamour…veils and hides the truth behind the fogs and mists of feeling and emotional reaction; it is of unique and terrible potency, owing to the strength of human nature to identify itself with the astral nature, and to the vital nature of conscious and sentient response itself…Glamour can only be dissipated by the inflow of clear, directed light; this is true of the life of the individual, or of humanity as a whole.[15]

“A glamors is something with which a person is objectively identified. If you are identified with something, and if that identification controls your life in any manner, then you have a glamor; you are sleeping. If this it he case, anything that is reflected in your mirror will be distorted.

“At the Second Initiation, a person totally purifies his nature from any glamors, negative illusions, and emotions. But an important point to remember is that the astral plane can still reflect the negative emotions, distortions, and glamors of other people and the world. It is like having a clear pool into which many streams are flowing. When the pool is subjected to these different streams, you may purify it, but three minutes later, impurities are flowing into it. When total purification takes place at the Fourth Initiation, the astral body is totally eliminated; it is gone and the consciousness operates only from mental and higher planes.

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